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Travel & Transportation

Bradsworth focusing on Air-travel Analytics and Scheduling AI

A Partnership of Partners in many ways!

Artificial intelligence (AI) now infiltrates every element of the travel process. Today, website chatbots, personalized search platforms, and in-room virtual assistants are being deployed to improve customer engagement, boost conversion rates, and personalize the entire guest experience. 

American Airlines

American Airlines is a founding member of Oneworld. American and its affiliates operate from major hubs across the USA, including Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington DC, to more than 330 destinations in 50 countries.

British Airways

British Airways is one of the world's premier airlines and a founding member of the Oneworld alliance. The airline reaches some 200 destinations in nearly 90 countries from its London Heathrow hub.

Cathay Pacific

One of Asia's most awarded airlines and a founding member of the Oneworld alliance, Cathay Pacific services almost 100 destinations in more than 30 countries


As Finland's flagship carrier, Finnair flies from its Helsinki hub to more than 60 destinations in 30 countries, including an increasing number of long-haul international flights to and from Asia.


A Oneworld alliance member since 1999, Spain's Iberia serves some 110 destinations in 40 countries. It is the leading carrier across the South Atlantic.

Japan Airlines

Established in 1951, Japan Airlines is one of the world's premier carriers and joined the oneworld® alliance in 2007. The airline has major hubs at Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and, with its Oneworld affiliates, operates flights to some 75 destinations in 20 countries.

LATAM Airlines

Widely recognized as Latin America's leading airline group, LATAM Airlines was created through the merger of LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines, and their affiliates, with hubs at Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Quito, and Guayaquil.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines, which joined Oneworld on 1 February 2013, is one of only six airlines worldwide rated five-star by the Skytrax independent airline quality rating agency, which has also honored the airline for having the World's Best Cabin Staff.


A founding member of Oneworld, Australia's Qantas is one of the world's leading airlines, with services to some 80 destinations throughout Asia, the Pacific, Europe, North America, and Africa.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, joined the oneworld® alliance in 2013. This Skytrax-rated five-star airline operates a modern fleet of 200 aircraft to over 150 key business and leisure destinations worldwide.

Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Jordan. It flies to some 60 destinations in nearly 40 countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

S7 Airlines

As Russia's largest domestic carrier, S7 Airlines operates flights to a hundred destinations in 30 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia

SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines joined Oneworld on 1 May 2014. It is not just the flag-carrier for Sri Lanka but also the largest international airline serving the Maldives and with a significant presence also in Southern India.

OneWorld airlines affiliates

Offering additional services in conjunction with our member airlines, Oneworld affiliate airlines enable you to access more regional destinations around the globe.

OneWorld connect

OneWorld connect is a new way for airlines to link up to the world’s premier airline alliance – enabling customers to enjoy more services and benefits across an even more extensive global network.

Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways is the first carrier to join Oneworld connect in 2018, partnered with their Oneworld sponsor carriers Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and American Airlines. Fiji Airways is the flag carrier airline of Fiji, operating international services to 13 countries and 23 cities across the United States, Asia and the Southwest Pacific.

For more information about Oneworld connect partner benefits, please see the Fiji Airways partner page.

Bradsworth Ads Quantum Leaps in Travel & Transportation

New Luxuries

The New Age of Travel

We're in an age of unprecedented competition, market volatility and disrupted business models. Expectations are higher than ever. Change is not just fast, but exponential.

Travel, airline, and hospitality companies have to keep pace and grow into agile, real-time and connected travel platforms. They must reinvent themselves to be more relevant and deliver engaging customer experiences and stronger travel loyalty programs. Leaders have to modern technology to keep up with demands while improving operations.

We empower companies and their hospitality workforce with tools like travel AI and chatbots, and data-driven insights to transform into intelligent operations.

International Travel

Celebrating 20 years together.

Qantas is a proud founding member of oneworld®, the world’s leading quality airline alliance. With unrivaled global coverage, the ability to earn and redeem points with multiple airlines, and an array of benefits including priority boarding and easy flight bookings, it’s the more rewarding way to travel the world.

Travel bigger, better and brighter with Qantas and Oneworld.

See more of the world with Oneworld alliance and you’ll travel bright wherever you go. That’s because you’ll enjoy the easiest transfers, get access to more than 650 airport lounges worldwide, and you can also redeem and earn points every time you fly with Qantas and other Oneworld member airlines.

Discover a world of privileges and rewards.

With 13 leading airlines connecting you to over 1,100 global destinations, exploring the world has never been easier.

When you travel with Oneworld you’ll enjoy:

Easier travel with unrivaled global coverage

More rewards with the ability to earn and redeem points with multiple airlines

Priority boarding

Quick and easy travel bookings. 

The rise of three large Middle East carriers—the ME3—has been a major source of market erosion. Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad have strategically targeted traffic between Europe and Asia, which was once a source of profit for the largest Asian airlines. The ME3 have grown their widebody fleets over the past decade by 10 percent per year, a rate that is four times faster than the Asian majors.1 They also have built sophisticated hub structures designed to divert major intercontinental traffic through the region. Today the ME3 carry more passengers than all Asian network carriers combined.

These competitive dynamics have had a dramatic impact on yields. As measured in US dollars, yields have fallen at a compounded rate of 6.2 percent per year since 2012.

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