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Customer Testimonials

"Say what you will do ...

then do what you say!!! "  .... Commitment, Execution, Delivery 

A few thoughts from our customers ...

Through the years Bradsworth has been there to assist in the most complex troubled situations.

Picking up the pieces of a poorly planned and implemented effort is our forte.

As our customer base grows we are learning. Not only do we keep ahead of technologies but we give advice on markets and infrastructure. Our knowledge of managing DATA is key to a winning relationship. We are in IT (Information Technology) which means that the information (DATA) is the most important tool and product we manage. At times our clients need that 'hawk-eye' view of their environment and someone to redirect and clean their data. That is Bradsworth's focus. Please note what a few of our clients say.

In a time of heavy competition in American Airline's history finding a way to stand apart from other airlines was a perk driven war. Bradsworth Digital Solutions (Bradsworth) worked with AMR to develop an IBM Mainframe landscape in the newest environment of technologies available to reconstruct the American Airlines AAdvantage Miles system. We couldn't have completed the system without the knowledge and skills of Bradsworth. Tom Kiernan, Executive VP, Sabre Systems (Dallas Morning News)


We at NASA have never worked with a more brilliant organization with vision and the technical dynamics of BDSI. We rely on their expertise to QA our launch data and to be an integral part of designing predictive algorithms to assist in orbital preplanning and control. Their Astrophysicists manage our forward-thinking and they are the most trusted company we have dealt with. J. Ober, Sr. Program Director - Space Systems. (Aviation Week & Space Technologies Magazine)

Not only did the employees of Bradsworth raise key donations for disaster relief but they volunteered a great deal of their time and energy to help people on the spot of areas affected. Always with a smile and a hug we were very lucky to have met such high caliber individuals. Marsha Evans, CEO (Red Cross Crescent Magazine)

PayPal has gained a stronger market position and strengthened our infrastructure due to the amount of time and knowledge transfer from Bradsworth. They are by far the best data managers we have used and have never been over-budget or late on any project they owned. They are one of the most valuable assets we have used and they focus on the solutions, not the problems. We will continue to have these champions on board for our future endeavors. Brad Strock, CIO (Computer World)

We have accomplished a great deal here at Google and very proud to have associates of such high caliber and intellectual demeanor such as BDSI. They pushed the envelope with us to build a cloud with embedded analytics and security. Their leadership is incredible and the programs they provide are tremendous. Many times there were discussions that manifested ideas and designs of our future and we are very happy with their performance. We don't find such technical strength often. Sergey Brin, Founder / Architect (WIRED Magazine)