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Bradsworth's Partners for Success

Sharing ideas, resources, and successes

Through the hands of each other, we have built great relations and partnerships which support our clients in many ways. Experiences, successes, learning curves, and even an occasional failure has made us stronger. In the same environment, we all sometimes share events that change the world. Our partners are some of the best firms on the planet.

IBM and Bradsworth Digital Solutions

BDSI continues to educate Big Blue and supplements their programs with solide talent on mission critical programs. 

As a keen partner to IBM we have given them another direction to manage AI, ML, Data and Analytics, IoT, and Transformations.

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MIT & the Lincoln Laboratory

We hire some of the best alumni from MIT, Harvard, CalTech, Oxford, and other key interns to help them grow and become an important addition to the technical landscape.

BDSI has a strong presence in R&D for multiple industries.

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Bradsworth Consulting

At Bradsworth our partnership is strong and we deliver high quality systems to the strongest client base in the world. At Kaiser Permanente Deloitte relied on our resources to complete a US$340M contract. Many of us have worked for the 'Big Four' and carry those experiences and knowledge within our teams.

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Kaiser Permanente

Not only have we change the direction of Kaiser's Customer Relationship Management system, but we have delivered multiple projects to include KISS (Kaiser Information Surgical System) which manages time-in and time-out of kaiser medical staff but polls data to materials management, accounts billable, and more.

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It is truly a team effort that keeps our clients ahead of the game. Working with Systems Integrators has been a growing and responsible position for Bradsworth Digital Solutions. They lean on our historic and traditional expertise to link our Partners to success.

In our minds the client's success is key. we drive clean, on-time delivery of complicated systems to enhance their market position.

We combine our Research & Development teams and focus on the end result. We break down barriers between international technology-based companies and campaign a vision for world compliance and a win all around.

Our Cybersecurity, GRC, IoT, Transformation, and Systems Development has grown tremendously over the last few years. We tackle the hardest programs and efforts in the world and will continue to win with our partners.

IT Modernization and Services

Our networked facilities, shared infrastructure, and repeatable processes provide the foundation for our managed services designed to optimize outcomes and provide predictable costs. Integrated network and security monitoring ensure your information and applications are protected and available--24/7/365.

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IT Modernization

Our full lifecycle solutions and services meld proven methodologies, technology, and business processes to streamline outcomes for infrastructure, cloud adoption, data center consolidation, and legacy application modernization.

From on-site management of your infrastructure, to cloud managed services, to turnkey as-a-service with a full catalog of IT services--or your own hybrid solution--we provide solution flexibility and at the scale you need. We ensure impeccable service delivery that is aligned to your enterprise needs.

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