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Committed to Ensure Your Success Now and for The Future

Mission Statement

Today’s technologies are difficult to keep up with, but BDS breeds the best talent in the world of business and with entrepreneur spirit and expertise.

Bradsworth International was formed in 1989 to solve the impossible in space travel and in the Stealth technologies for sustainable aircraft. One such aircraft was the Lockheed Martin F-35II Strike Lightning fighter. Bradsworth recruited the greatest minds from MIT, Harvard, Cal Tech, Oxford, and more to leap technology boundaries which resulted in a multitude of patent awards.

Our CEO has experience in founding and developing leading-edge firms that have developed groundbreaking research on advancements in Cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, Digital Transformations, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The return on investments from BDS highly capable leaders will be phenomenal. The safety factors with Management Consulting and Integrators have been proven time and time again.

In a poor economy, we thrive because the typical corporation will lay off expensive personnel to decrease overhead and increase the value of their firms. This is the perfect opportunity for BDS to replace those key positions with our very experienced consultants. We keep your business operating and growing until you are in the position to pull the team together again or you keep utilizing our people indefinitely.

In a good economy, BDS will also flourish as new projects and programs will be funded for a company to maintain market share and keep your market supremacy.

In the BDSI future, we are very excited to be recognized by Forbes and a strong position with the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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Mission Statement





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