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Insurance Industry

Transforming Data to Deliver Predictive Analytics

Insurance - Understanding Your "Data" to Make Informed Decisions

Bradsworth Digital Solutions continues to listen and provide innovative solutions to complex business and technical opportunities.  The senior leadership over the course of their careers have worked with several different clients to provide highly technical solutions to meet the needs of the customer while reducing risk in transforming both data and platform migrations.  These solutions were carefully recommended after partnering with the client senior leadership and validating the high-level designs both internally and with vendors. 

These kinds of partnerships continually show that investing time upfront to truly understand the clients' key requirements and not just "build first" and figure out what we need later in a shotgun approach saves both time and money for a client. Bradsworth has always been able to deliver based on commitments using this methodology.  

Insurance is driven by understanding the analytics around the ever-changing data.  As newer technology is available to provide on-demand reporting and what-if scenario capabilities, companies are weighing the timing of when to migrate to these new technologies verse having disparate data from prior mergers.

A continuing theme is understanding the data and organization of the data.  Without properly classifying data (public, private, confidential) and understanding the use and ownership present the second major issue.  Not knowing which data is the single source of truth and what data has been "massaged" could present issues when making marketing or corporate decisions.

Bradsworth has extensive experience in working with clients in understanding their requirements, working through the data and modeling and recommending the right solutions based on business needs and the operational and reputational risk.

IFRS 17 - Overview

A quick overview of IFRS-17 regulations that will be required in most countries globally (the US uses GAAP accounting standards)

Predictive Analytics in Insurance

In the Insurance Industry, the insurer sells the insurance to the insured for a premium, the premium being the amount of money charged for the insurance coverage. Predictive analytics is used in appraising and controlling risk in underwriting, pricing, rating, claims, marketing and reserving in the Insurance sector.

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